Be SMART With Your Writing

In our quest to becoming published authors should we be setting goals? And is it it worth it?

“A goal without a plan – is only a dream” Brian Tracy.

The above quote to me confirms that goals without a plan will result in the goal remaining just as it always has – a dream! So in order to provide some structure, having goals and a plan to reach these goals are necessary in order to succeed.

What Are SMART Goals?

SMART is an acronym that is used to provide a structure when setting goals. It stands for:

Specific – Your goal should be clear and specific

Measurable – How will you know when your goal has been accomplished? How will success be measured?

Achievable – Your goal should be able to be achieved with some effort.

Realistic – You should consider if your goal is relevant to what you want to achieve? Can you access the necessary resources you need?

Time Bound – This is where you set your deadlines and/or target dates

Set a deadline to achieve your goal in a specific time frame

Let’s Look at an Example…..

Okay so let’s say you want to complete a fictional short story. You need to be specific on what it is you want to achieve.

‘Complete a 1500 word romantic short story within 30 days so I can enter it into a local writing competition which needs to be submitted by [insert date].’

Some questions which you may need to answer before committing yourself to this goal may include:

Is 30 days giving you enough time to achieve this? How much time can you dedicate to writing this short story over the next 30 days? Do you need to read other romantic short stories for inspiration? Have you read the competition guidelines? Does your style of writing suit? Are you going to allow others to read and provide feedback on your story before submitting the final draft?

Remember to plan in all the steps you may need to complete before reaching your final goal and ensure you have factored in enough time for completion. This will help to prevent disappointment and your goal becoming unattainable.

I hope this has been of some help and will make you better at being specific in planning your writing goals. Feel free to comment and add on any recommendations you find beneficial when planning your writing.

Happy SMART Goal Planning!

The Writer Within

Hello and welcome to my blog!

So I guess the purpose of this blog is to chronicle my writing journey from a complete novice to (fingers crossed) an actual published author. I am hoping that during this process I will learn not only the good side, but some of the pitfalls that new writers face in getting their work out there. That way other people can learn from some of the successes and failures I make and provide value to your own writing journey to support you becoming a published author too!

I look forward to connecting with you and going on this journey together.

Nicole x